Photo by Gareth Danks

Photo by Jack Blanch

Photo by Jack Blanch

Yanna Zissiadou, pianist & conductor

Yanna was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has lived in the UK since 1993 and is a proud citizen of both countries. An educator, concert pianist conductor, accompanist, coach and proud grandmother of three beautiful girls, Yanna now enjoys life as a retired teacher and freelance musician.

Her music heritage transcends the traditions of her family’s ancestry (Asia Minor) and the diversity of her musical education and her parents’ unusual taste in music which encompassed anything from Sinatra and Theodorakis to Tchaikovsky and Verdi. Yanna frequently accompanied her parents and their friends on the piano reading from a faded 'fake book' photocopied sheet with all the Greek Tangos, Waltzes and Ballads of the 1930s and 40s whilst they sang in 3 and 4-part harmony.

Yanna is an experienced and eclectic pianist. Whilst still a student at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki, she was awarded the Dimitri Sgouros ‘Prize and Scholarship’ in 1987. During the same year she won a competition to represent Greece in the senior category at the ‘Jugend Musiziert’ competition in Frankfurt. She graduated in 1988 with the ‘Diploma for Piano performance and teaching’.

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Yanna is available to play at recording sessions, special events (including weddings) and accompany Diploma music examinations.

No longer in education or a piano teacher, Yanna is still available to coach and consult before University entrance exams or a "boost" session before auditions.

Yanna is one half of Animo which is her main career focus but she is also keen to play with larger chamber groups should the opportunity arise.

Yanna’s Piano

Yanna's piano is a Bosendorfer 214 VC (Vienna Concert). A piano that combines two centuries of piano crafting and the latest technological advances in 3D modelling.

Yanna bought this beautifully sensitive and responsive instrument from Coach House Pianos who are also sponsoring 'Animo' at their launch event on the 24th October with another 214VC Bosendorfer grand. This piano features in Yanna's solo and 'Animo' recordings on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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